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Say it with ice cream – a splendid idea

Pick either ice cream or sorbet. Select from a dazzling array of flavours. Take a while to wallow in the
possibilities. You can have more than one and sometimes the brave choose none at all.

Think about what you want to say. It can be cool or crazy, so long as it’s personal and sincere. Jot it down into the text box on the checkout page. Your message will be printed on your chosen tub – a top way to get your words noticed.

Next, complete your details and let Cúlcow take care of the rest. Cúlcow can be ordered from anywhere in the world for delivery all over Ireland.

Your special message will be delivered with style, safe in a bed of dry ice. Cúlcow is made only in small batches so it will be as fresh and individual as your message.

Maybe it’s a good time to try a tub yourself?
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